Mushroom King – How Seppuku and Blood Loss Helps You Make the Most Venomous Elden Ring Build

Mushroom King – How Seppuku and Blood Loss Helps You Make the Most Venomous Elden Ring Build
Mushroom King – How Seppuku and Blood Loss Helps You Make the Most Venomous Elden Ring Build

There are a bunch of reasons why fans of Elden Ring keep coming back to this game for more. A detailed, well-designed world, an engaging story to follow, and a combat system that is second to none. It’s so robust that players can just go around their looks and their style of gameplay when they want, all thanks to Queen Rennala.

Thanks to this flexibility, a number of builds have become popular online for players to choose from. Some help them conquer their enemies with Glintstone magic, while other helps them do the same with their blades. But one build called “the Mushroom King” allows players to rule the world with poison.

Here’s how to be the mushroom king in Elden Ring

Mushroom King – How Seppuku and Blood Loss Helps You Make the Most Venomous Elden Ring Build
A still from Elden Ring showcasing the Mushroom Crown

When a player goes about deciding a build for themselves in soul games, they have to make a lot of decisions. They have to decide what to wear, what to equip themselves with, and what skills to spend their hard-earned runes on. To make things easier for some passionate players of Elden Ring, here’s everything they need to be a poisonous warrior.


The first thing to do for the Mushroom King build is to choose the right class. And players can go for one of four classes here: Samurai, Warrior, Vegabond, or Bandit. Depending on what class a player chooses, they get more stat points for particular skills.

Elden Ring features varied environmentsElden Ring features varied environments
Elden Ring Swamps

All the above-mentioned classes are either big on Dexterity or Arcane, which would help with weapons that require some skill to use.

Stats to focus on

A mushroom king needs to be a master of his art. They need to be as familiar with their weapon as they are with the Lands Between. Hence, it is important for players to focus on dexterity, strength, vigor, and endurance.

While strength, dexterity, and endurance would allow players to use their weapons effectively, vigor would give them increased HP to be able to take those unexpected hits effectively.


Players can now attach various skills to their weapons. These are just like the weapon arts in Dark Souls 3, but much more powerful. For this particular build, though, it is recommended players go for Poisonous Mist or Sepukku.

One of them bathes one’s weapon in poison and even spreads it a bit around the player. While Sepukku gives players the ability to stab themselves and increase the blood loss damage of their weapon. This also increases the player’s attack power to some extent.

So then, the pieces are all here, and there are some choices here too for players. They can go for one or the other, and they would end up with one of the most powerful builds in Elden Ring. It should help them be prepared for the Shadow of the Erdtree.

Equipment players need for Mushroom King to build in Elden Ring

Scavenger's Curved Sword does Blood loss damageScavenger's Curved Sword does Blood loss damage
A still from Elden Ring showcasing the stats of Scavenger’s Curved Sword


When it comes to weapons, players have a bunch of swords to choose from. They can either go for Bandit’s Curved Sword, Grossmesser, or Scavenger’s Curved Sword. These swords are excellent for doing some slash damage to enemies. Scavenger’s Curved Sword also tops it up with some heavy bleed damage.


A piece of armor would be a great thing to bring together the look and feel that the Mushroom King should have. Players also need to make sure they have something that helps increase their immunity. For this, they can either have the white mask equipped or the mushroom crown.

Of course, given the fact that this guide is all about becoming the mushroom king, players should keep the mushroom crown at the top of their list. It increases the robustness and immunity of a player effectively.


In Elden Ring, players can equip various talismans to give them certain boosts. It’s just like those rings in Dark Souls games. For this particular build, though, it is recommended that players choose amongst the following talismans.

Millicent’s Prosthesis, which boosts dexterity and raises attack power with successive attacks, and Winged Sword Insignia, which greatly increases attack power with successive attacks. Kindred of Rot’s Exultation raises the player’s attack power when poison or rot is in the vicinity. Finally, Lord of Blood’s Exultation increases the attack power when blood loss is in the player’s vicinity.

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