NJPW Star Rocky Romero Reportedly Joins AEW Front Office


If there is one person who, if the Forbidden Door was an actual, physical thing thing, would hold the key, it would be Rocky Romero. The 41-year old has managed to bridge the gap between companies like New Japan Pro Wrestling, CMLL and AEW in recent years, and has become one of the most important liaisons in the business.

His hard work in bringing AEW, NJPW, and CMLL together has seemingly been rewarded, as Dave Meltzer reported on a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that Romero has been given a job in AEW’s front office. However, Romero’s official title in All Elite Wrestling has not yet been disclosed.

Romero has competed on screen for All Elite Wrestling on a number of occasions, with the most recent bout being on the February 9, 2024 edition of “Rampage,” when he teamed up with Orange Cassidy and Trent Beretta to take on the Undisputed Kingdom. He has been wrestling primarily for NJPW throughout his career, but has had something of a career resurgence in recent years thanks to his work in CMLL, where he spent almost the entirety of 2023 as the World Historic Welterweight Champion.

It was the work he put in in Mexico that led to him being the one to introduce CMLL’s Mistico to the AEW fans in October 2023, and at the time of writing, is currently touring with the stars of CMLL in New Japan Pro Wrestling as part of the annual “Fantasticamania” tour. Outside of his roles in AEW, NJPW and CMLL, he is also the current MLW World Middleweight Champion, a title that he has held since October 2023 after defeating AKIRA.

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