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Not The Rock, Only 1 Fast & Furious Star Comes Close to Prime Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Bench Press Record

Arnold Schwarzenegger is Hollywood’s OG bodybuilder. When it comes to hulking it out, no one comes close to The Terminator star. At 474 pounds, his bench press record is almost unbreakable amongst his peers in Hollywood. But one wrestler-turned-actor came very close to achieving the impossible. At 462 pounds, there is one man who managed to almost touch the record, one who has featured in the Fast & Furious franchise – John Cena. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mammoth feat

7 Time Mr. Olympia Winner Arnold Schwarzenegger7 Time Mr. Olympia Winner Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger has a bench press record of 474 pounds

It is no secret that Hollywood is home to many hunks. There is a long list of stars who would be in line to bag the role of any bulked-up superhero or wrestler that comes into the market. No wonder that they all have stellar records when it comes to lifting weights.

At the pinnacle of this list, stands the former Governor of California – Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Commando star holds the record amongst his Hollywood peers for an unreal bench press of 474 pounds.

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John Cena almost broke Arnold Schwarzenegger’s record

John Cena WWEJohn Cena WWE
John Cena can hold his own when it comes to a bench press

There is one star who has come within touching distance of the unreal record. That is none other than John Cena. The Transformers star might have left the fighting behind. But in spite of that, amongst wrestler-turned-actors, no one has come close to breaking his record.

One might have expected that The Rock would have been close to the top of the list. But he isn’t even close to these two, with a maximum bench press record of 425 pounds. Sylvester Stallone is close on the heels of the San Andreas star. 

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The Mountain even Schwarzenegger can’t scale

The Mountain The Mountain
Hafthor Bjornsson is the leader amongst ‘actors’ when it comes to the bench press

Though Schwarzenegger might be edging over all the participants on the list, there is one star even he can’t dream of beating. That is none other than Hafthor ‘The Mountain’ Bjornsson. The Game of Thrones star stands at the pinnacle with an unreal bench press record of 551 pounds. Well, including him on this list feels criminal in itself.

Arnold Schwarzenegger wouldn’t fret about it though. You would expect the man who feels that he has what it takes to bear the weight of the entire nation would have other things to be worried about. After all, these records would become immaterial if the True Lies star could become the POTUS.

Alas! The law forbids it. That makes it another boundary Schwarzenegger can’t scale.

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