Woodfin vows to ‘keep berating parents’ as flyer promotes Birmingham spring break ‘take over’


Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin is asking parents to take an active role in protecting their children during Spring Break following distribution of a flyer that he says promotes illegal activity.

The flyer shows teens flashing cash and a gun. It says, “Birmingham Last Weekend Spring Break Take Over 3 Moves in 2 Dayss.”

The unsanctioned event is said to be scheduled for the weekend at Birmingham’s City Walk downtown.

Woodfin posted about the flyer on Facebook Friday morning.

“Birmingham, I need y’all to look at this flier,’’ he wrote.

“A few days ago, I spoke about the dire need for parents to take an active role in protecting our children during spring break,’’ he said. “This image is the reason why. Literal children were planning spring break meetups that would perpetuate illegal activity.”

The mayor said Birmingham police have been made aware and are taking precautions.

A similar flyer was circulated in August 2023 that touted “police’’ and “fights.”

Woodfin advised parents to not drop off children unattended in public places.

“Your minor (18 and under) must be accompanied by an adult, or you will have to come pick them up at Family Court where you will receive a summons to appear,’’ he said.

“It is imperative that mamas and daddies, big mommas, aunties and uncles – those caring adults who are closer to these children than any of us – take accountability for the whereabouts of the kids who live under their own roofs,’’ he said.

“If urging adults to keep their own children safe is ‘berating parents,’ well, I’m going to keep berating parents,’’ Woodfin said. “I’ve spoken with too many grieving families.”

“I’ve attended too many funerals of lives taken way too soon,’’ he said. “The violence must end, and the responsibility begins at home.”

“If you think I as mayor will not do everything in my power to keep our children safe … nawl.”

Woodfin using the word “nawl” on social media led to criticism this week as the mayor posted his “Mayoral Mixtape: Spring Break Edition” on Instagram.

An Instagram user, courtneywalkertxranger, commented: “Instead of posting a mixtape after berating Birmingham families, maybe consider discounted or free access to local movie theaters, YMCA, McWane to help these kids have fun in nurturing environments.”

Woodfin responded, “Nawl…I’m good.” That prompted some to criticize Woodfin’s response.

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