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What is Hydreight Nurse? TikTok Hydreight Nurse and what is their salary?

Their videos have thousands of views on TikTok, and they’re encouraging others to join them. But what is a Hydreight Nurse and what is their salary?

Hydreight is the business behind the TikTok famous Hydreight Nurses. Regularly posting to their page, HydreightWellness, viewers are more curious than ever over what exactly a Hydreight Nurse is. Constantly encouraging people to join by posting all the perks of the job, we break down what it actually entails.

What is Hydreight?

Hydreight is a mobile IV business. Nurses can essentially work for themselves, without doing the ‘headaches of running your own business.’ Nurses can join their medical network and earn money when clients request their assistance on their ‘Groundbreaking Uber style mobile medicine app.’

At the click of a button, clients can see what medical professionals are available in their area, and request an IV drip at their side ASAP.

Promoting hydration therapy, Hydreight says that their services can:

‘refresh you after the most strenuous activity. Help you recover faster from flu. Flush toxins out of your body. Replenish muscles with the hydration they need.’

Hydreight supposedly helps with sport-related injuries, getting that hangover gone ASAP, and even the simplest headaches. They even say they can help with conditions such as fibromyalgia.

What is a Hydreight Nurse?

Simply, a Hydreight Nurse is someone who works for the company, issuing out IV drips when it’s convenient for them. However, they’re probably most famous for the TikTok videos.

On their TikTok account, a couple of reoccurring faces are spreading the word about Hydreight. Currently, their main marketing campaign is how being a Hydreight Nurse is better than being a hospital nurse.

As the nurses only have to deliver and issue IV drips, one of the perks they promote is not having to deal with the tougher side of nursing. Be that criticism or complaints from patients, or having to cope with patient death, Hydreight Nurses are loving the easy life.

Stress-free and working their own hours, these nurses seem to have it all.

What is a Hydreight Nurse Salary?

In a recent TikTok, one of the nurses said she earns double the salary of a hospital nurse.

Of course, depending on their expertise, nurses are in different pay brackets. However, another TikTok suggested that the Hydreight Nurses, who are travel nurses, are earning up to $110 per hour.

Compared to a staff nurse, the lowest paid nurse in a hospital, Hydreight nurses are earning $76 dollars more per hour. If they were then to work full time (40 hours a week), that’s over $17,500 a month.

The average salary of a staff nurse in the US is around $75,000. Even with four weeks of holiday a year, on $110 per hour, the Hydreight Nurses are earning around $190,000 per annum.

It’s no secret that medical staff, nurses in particular are underpaid. Now that Hydreight are on the scene, maybe more nurses will start earning what they’re truly worth.

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